Yep, there’s a picture of a guy falling down the steps there to balance it out.

I always struggle with album of the year lists and I’m starting to think it’s something personally wrong with me. Is it normal to have to actively search for music? I don’t know.

I’m sorry, Fetch the Bolt Cutters didn’t do it for me. Here’s seven albums that did though. Maybe next year, The Weekend!

Here’s the albums I loved in 2020.

oldsoul — You Were Overwhelmed

TL;DR: In a year of “big” releases, this album from Massachusetts rock band oldsoul was on the most enjoyable.

My first introduction to the Massachusetts band oldsoul was a in-studio recording of their track “Slow Down, Senpai” from some subreddit I can’t remember.

I was immediately taken by the group’s sense of adventure and aptitude…

Pretty sure this is a spatula. Look at all the tape. Fun!

The Holiday Season is upon us and in my house, that means Christmas traditions.

Traditions like stringing lights on the house and being surprised that they all work when I flip the switch instead of my home erupting into flames. Or affixing Christmas cards around the entry way to my kitchen so we can reflect on all the fantastic friends and family we didn’t get to see that much in 2020.

It’s about making hundreds of cookies and somehow only eating two (dozen). It’s about hearing Dominick the Italian Christmas Donkey on Pittsburgh’s 24/7 Holiday music channel 94.5 3WS and…

I like finding new music but to be honest, it’s a struggle.

Even in a time when I shared the same space as a radio locked into an FM station, which seems like a lifetime ago, I didn’t really agree with the songs I heard.

Worse, I’ve always been wary of the soullessness of popular music. When it comes to the Best Records of the Year lists, more often than not I have a tough time seeing what the critics thought was so great in what is supposed to be collectively agreed upon as the best music. …

I never had the pleasure of meeting legendary Rush drummer and lyricist Neil Peart before his death on January 7, 2020, at the age of 67.

The closest I ever got to even being in the same room with the man was in the company of tens of thousands of other people when Peart performed with his Canadian counterparts to crowded stadiums and packed amphitheaters.

Despite never having met the man, I can still say there’s been no other person to walk the Earth that has had more of an influence on my thinking, morality, and personal growth than Neil…

2020 was a 365-day, widespread, universally-shared, slow-motion torture-fest / cringe-party in a crowded middle-school gymnasium with DubStep pumping madly and eye-gouging lights running 24/7.

Americans attended this party dressed in their best, only to be splashed with pigs blood and then covered in red, white, and blue confetti, looking like Tomi Lahren after her morning cross-fit.

Not Pictured: The Bride or the Groom (Bret and Holly’s Wedding)

The Righteous Brothers classic “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” is a musical masterpiece. Despite it’s power and beauty, it’s a fairly simple song performed by Bill Medley (verse) and Bobby Hatfield (accompaniment on the chorus) that weaves a not-so-simple tale of sorrow for a fading relationship.

To say the blue-eyed blueprint for a soul recording was popular would be an understatement. On its radio play merits alone, it’s proven to have been regarded in the hearts and minds of millions of people as one of the most important songs ever.

Its massive popularity and masterful composition is matched only by…

Photo by Igor Haritanovich from Pexels

I sat down to create a playlist of all of my late friend Adam Ward’s greatest gifts to me in song.

I wanted to come up with 10 or so best examples of songs he gave me or that we shared that meant something to me.

And after 10 minutes I’d managed to come up with over 40 tracks so it became clear to me that I should sit down and hash some of this out.

So I did and after getting through just 10 of them, I’d compiled over 3,800 words so I’ll be looking for an editor /…

For as long as people have used music to convey emotions, there’s been mixed medium compilations.

Whether they appeared on cassette tapes, CDS, or shared You Tube playlists, people have spent countless hours trying to put together the right combination of songs to string together a specific idea or emotion.

I recently stumbled upon a mix tape my best friend Adam created entitled:

This CD Contains R.D.A of Rock and Vitamin C. May Be Dangerous If Combined With Alcohol and Tony Hawk.

The mix CD and it’s encyclopedia of a title looked a little worn but still brought back powerful…

There’s plenty of reasons to need a healthy distraction from Nov. 3, 2020.

After all, we could use a healthy dose of distracting from the entire onslaught of disastrous event after unimaginable disastrous event. It’s been overwhelmingly awful.

Today I got a couple of normal notifications on my phone that people had birthdays today and I thought to myself, “Fuck, people have to have their birthday today.”

And for some, this kind of chaos, hysteria, and insanity is a welcome thing. To those people I say, “Hey, good for you, enjoy your psychopathy.”,most%20difficult%20disorders%20to%20spot.

If it isn’t your thing though…

Ian Blyth

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